Worth a Look: 5 Leadership Habits You Absolutely Want for Developing Trust

A fantastic list by Marcel Schwantes, Principal and founder, Leadership From the Core, as published on line at Inc. This might be the most applicable I have seen for police leadership. Employees Naturally Trust Leaders That Show These 5 Powerful Habits … Continue reading

Worth a Look: policemisconduct.net

When someone says “police never get in trouble” or “never get punished when they do something wrong”….. One of the many false narratives that the policing industry is swimming upstream against these days is that there is no accountability for … Continue reading

Police: Are We ‘Beating’ Ourselves Out of Efficiency?

Calls for Service If we were to take a close look at efficiency in police departments, an area that could be of concern would be the response times to calls for service in the community. Not necessarily the emergency priority … Continue reading

Redux: Dragon Slayer? Or Justice System Pariah?

Just a tad over a year ago I published a post titled “Dragon Slayer? Or Justice System Pariah” (please take a minute to click and read). This was simply an objective offering regarding charges filed against a handful of Baltimore … Continue reading

What if GE’s Jack Welch Was A Police Chief?

Good Cops, Bad Cops Most of us have had jobs at one time or another where there is always THAT person or THAT clique that doesn’t seem to be pulling their weight, or, who are so toxic that they are … Continue reading

The Only Victim in “Making a Murderer” Is Going Unnoticed


              There is only one victim in the Making a Murderer series, and it is not the killer. Please share a photo of Teresa far and wide; so everyone can be reminded who she … Continue reading

The Power of Feedback in Modern Policing

Did you just say something? A couple of years ago I was working on my capstone for my graduate degree. Combining my nerd and perfectionist traits, I had decided to look into the quality of police reports (aka: Improving Police Incident … Continue reading

Worth a Look: “Whats Your 20?” on Facebook

There are many social networking platforms and places for police to be ‘police’ on the Internet. Some better than others. Many are rather depressing, unfortunately necessary for LEOs to vent and blow off steam in this crazy world right now. One … Continue reading

Selecting Police Candidates ‘IN’, Instead of ‘OUT’

Where We Were… Well, over 20 years ago, I reported to a large auditorium to take a written test for the position of a police recruit. The auditorium was filled with hundreds (and I mean hundreds, nearing 1000) of other applicants … Continue reading


This is making the rounds and is definitely a timely and good read in today’s environment, found at the Daigle Law Group. Review of DOJ Report of Ferguson Crowd Control Your thoughts? © 2015 DAVID A. LYONS Share the post … Continue reading

Worth a Look: Fixing Kentucky’s Broken Windows

A little local flavor; and a good read. © 2015 DAVID A. LYONS Share the post “Worth a Look: Fixing Kentucky’s Broken Windows” Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Digg StumbleUpon E-mail

Criminal Justice Researcher Needed!

All I have a Criminal Justice undergrad student that needs to conduct a brief interview with a Criminal Justice researcher for a class she is currently taking. The assignment requires a contact outside of Kentucky, so I thought this would be … Continue reading

Worth a Look: The Thin Blue Line of Leadership Blog

Just found a really good blog that is worth a look: The Thin Blue Line of Leadership.  The blog posts are practical and well developed. Take a minute, and take a look!   © 2015 DAVID A. LYONS Share the post … Continue reading

If I Wanted to Be a Cop, I Would….?

I am looking for a bit of help. I will be teaching a fundamental police studies class for the upcoming fall term. Most of the students will be freshmen or sophomores that are interested in careers in policing or other areas … Continue reading

Good Guys, Bad Guys and Shame

Good Guys, Bad Guys and Shame. Three simple words that have been quietly disposed of by politically correct disciples. For police officers, watch this 2005 editorial from WDRB in Louisville Kentucky, and be reminded that these three things are still … Continue reading

Worth a Look: In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.

  We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us. Marshall McLuhan Perspective. Sometimes we need to see things from different sides of an issue to get a better understanding of what is going on. … Continue reading

Where are the Answers to Stop Urban Violence?

A question. OK. Several questions. But the big question, the point of this post, is where are the answers to stop urban violence? I ask this because we can all agree that street violence is, and has been, off the … Continue reading

Worth a Look: Did Performance Measurement Cause America’s Police Problem?

Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene recently published an interesting article in Governing titled Did Performance Measurement Cause America’s Police Problem? The article is definitely worth a few minutes to read.   Sparrow points out that the two most commonly used measures … Continue reading

Will the Proliferation of Police Video Finally End Miranda?

Wearable video, or ‘body cams’, is certainly the new hot topic in policing these days. For that matter, it’s all over the public and political forums as well. Many agencies will start using them soon if they have not all … Continue reading

Worth a Look: Sheriff builds kinder, gentler police force

Here is an interesting article that posted this week in the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune: Sheriff builds kinder, gentler police force Wood County Sheriff Thomas Reichert has a new, two-word policy that he wants every deputy in his department to adopt … Continue reading

Dragon Slayer? Or Justice System Pariah?

If Baltimore City’s States Attorney Marilyn Mosby has this right, the prosecution of the 6 Baltimore officers, she has knocked it out of the ballpark. A straight up home run. The dragon has been slayed. Mosby has fulfilled the function … Continue reading

POOGI for Police: An Introduction

What is POOGI? The process of ongoing improvement. POOGI. Sometimes described as or considered in discussions surrounding continuous improvement, but regardless of the name or acronyms, its found in the most successful companies and corporations. Lean, Six Sigma, the Theory … Continue reading

Worth a Look: On Female Leadership in the Workplace

I found an interesting piece today, On Female Leadership in the Workplace, by Sofia Jasmine Sheth of Condé Nast. The author’s perspective and advice regarding women in leadership roles is unique given she cites the style and behavior of a mentor of … Continue reading

Worth a Look: How police, community interact – and why it matters

A very interesting read crafted by Amanda Van Benschoten, of the The Enquirer, with more to come. Relationships are more important than ever, and in some places, long overdue. © 2015 DAVID A. LYONS Share the post “Worth a Look: How … Continue reading

Women’s Law Enforcement Symposium on April 11, 2015

Share this now! The mission of the symposium is to educate, inspire and empower women to become law enforcement professionals for the city of Lexington. Meet female officers and openly discuss the challenges, rewards, security and prestige in becoming Lexington’s … Continue reading

Worth a Look: What the Police Will Never Be

Policing takes on new roles and methods regularly; its how we stay up-to-date and actively participate in the process of ongoing or continuous improvement. If we are not watching our environment, we are on our way to trouble. But there … Continue reading

Worth a Look: 7 Habits Of People With Remarkable Mental Toughness

Jeff Haden’s 7 Habits of People With Remarkable Mental Toughness published at Inc.com may be one of the timeliest pieces for law enforcement officers. We traditionally look at toughness in terms of physical survival, but these days, we need to make sure … Continue reading

Worth a Look: 10 Sentences Good Managers NEVER Say – EVER

Leadership failures in law enforcement can lead to catastrophic consequences for the agency, it’s personnel and the community. Blunders do not have to be earth shattering; they are more harmful and toxic in small doses over time. Take a  look … Continue reading

Worth a Look: Ethical Breakdowns

Scott Bellinger, a Police Academy Commander and Instructor at Munroe Falls Police Academy, recently shared an excellent article from Harvard Business Review in the LinkedIn FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association group. Ethical Breakdowns, by Max H. Bazerman and Ann E. Tenbrunsel, is valuable for … Continue reading

The Tyranny of the Police Org Chart

It happened again. I am listening to someone give a speech or presentation and something they say sparks my brain and yells, “that’s EXACTLY what happens!”. It’s especially profound when the topic is a little remote to policing. This time it … Continue reading

Worth a Look: 3 Phrases That Will Instantly Calm Angry or Emotional People

Most of us in policing learn rather quickly that de-escalation is always preferred over escalation when it comes to situations that have the propensity to veer out of control or become violent. In better case scenarios, sometimes we need people … Continue reading

Police: Are They Good or Bad?

What was the first thought that flashed through your mind when you read the title of this post? Did you pick a side? Good? Bad? Some are good? Some are bad? What kind of dumb question is that? What are … Continue reading

7 Things That Improve the Quality of Police Services

Most of us know excellent customer service when we see it.  The best experiences stay with us and we share them with people we know.  I have had a few amazing experiences in the last year that have stood out. … Continue reading

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.)

From the desk of Madeline Neumann, National President of Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc.: Dear Chapter Representative and Fellow Survivor,   National C.O.P.S. can no longer sit by and watch the law enforcement profession in this country be vilified, targeted … Continue reading

Worth a Look: 6 Ways Policemen Can Regain Credibility With The American Public

One would have to live under a rock to not see the turmoil surrounding the policing business these days.  We’ve never been on the top of the Christmas card list, but there is a loud bunch of people inking us … Continue reading

7 Things to Avoid If Change Scares You

Change.  Not the kind you get back for a dollar at the store or find in the couch cushions, real change.  Change for the sake of change.  Change because the Big Ikes have nothing else to do.  Change because they … Continue reading

Worth a Look: Why chiefs and trainers should be learning from street cops

While it is true that “ships run by democracy sink”; it is just as true that the captain relies on the crew to maintain the seaworthiness of the vessel and communicate her needs. Richard Fairburn’s Why chiefs and trainers should be learning … Continue reading

Worth a Look: Better Community Policing through Horses

Flipping through Facebook, I stumbled on a neat article that is related to policing, from a website that is not law enforcement related.  Many of the better things I find are from other perspectives and industries. The website horsechannel.com recently … Continue reading

Worth a Look: 22 Habits of Unhappy People

I have seen several interesting articles lately covering some very welcomed topics; pieces about toxic and burned out employees, why police do not stay on the job very long,  and most importantly, police suicides. 22 Habits of Unhappy People, posted … Continue reading

Never Break The Chain

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link…. Value.  We all know what value looks and feels like.  Every time we make a purchase or pay for a service, we want the best value we can get for … Continue reading

Police & EBOLA; What Should Our Role Be?

According to a recent on-line report by the Daily Mail, New York City cops leave Ebola doctor’s apartment and dump their gloves and masks in a TRASH CAN; a video showed just that; officers removing personal protective equipment (PPE, minimal … Continue reading

Get S.M.A.R.T. (Goals & Objectives)

If a strategy and strategic plan is the road map for where the police department is going, then goals and objectives are the vehicle that is used to get there.  Once the agency moves a strategic vision to a plan, the CEO … Continue reading

Worth a Look: Strategic Management in Policing: The Role of the Strategic Manager

Proof that some things just do not go out of date.  I stumbled upon an excellent article in Police Chief Magazine that I wanted to share that lays out a compelling argument for using a Strategic Manager in a police department. … Continue reading

Worth a Look: If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All

One of the unique leadership and management challenges in law enforcement that I have seen over the years is with regard to our civilian staff members.  Most supervisors that I have known will say that supervising civilians is  very different … Continue reading

Mission Control: Six Tips for Crafting Effective Mission Statements

Got a strategic vision set for the police department?  Great; there is still work to do in order to punch through the strategic planning process.  It’s time to gain some mission control. Strategic Vision vs. Mission Statement The strategic planning … Continue reading

Worth a Look: Five Keys to Better Time Management

If it is true that everything has a cost, it might be just as true that time itself is very expensive.  Wasted time can have a financial cost (what we pay employees) as well as an opportunity cost (we could have been … Continue reading

20/20 Strategic Vision

What is a strategic vision? If a police agency takes on the strategic planning process, the early stages will find the police department CEO and staff members dealing with the challenge of determining the direction of the department in terms of the … Continue reading

Worth a Look: Workplace Conflict: The Continuum of Dispute Resolution

In the business we call policing, we usually find a continuum for Use of Force or Response to Resistance (if there is not one or something similar to it, problems are likely to arise). These are pretty much a true … Continue reading

Worth a Look: Public Private Partnerships: Why Isn’t the U.S. More Experienced with Them?

I ran across Public Private Partnerships: Why Isn’t the U.S. More Experienced with Them? by Valerie Martinelli today and I started to wonder how many police agencies engage in similar relationships.  Not so much general community partnerships; more of the written agreement or contractual … Continue reading

Opportunity Cost in Policing

Strategic planning and project planning require the consideration of many details.  The same tight focus that planning can require might also blind police planners from the broader picture which in turn could create difficulties down the road, maybe even cost the … Continue reading

Worth a Look: Power to the People-the Formula for Super Customer Service

Customer service in policing starts (and sometimes ends) with the phone call to 911 and the response the patrol officers make to the call.  The business world gives us the best advice to follow on the topic of customer service … Continue reading

5 Keys to Police Strategy Development & Execution

Coming up with a good idea is useless without plans for something to do with the idea. Ideas are just thoughts without a vision of where they will take you.  A vision will need objectives and strategies to achieve them. … Continue reading

Strategic Planning

If the topic of strategy is brought up in the police world, more than likely the conversations that follow will include topics that range from dealing with a suspect that has barricaded himself in a house, how to address an … Continue reading

Worth a Look: The Myth of Multitasking

Can we really: “Do more with less”? “Add more to the plate without something sliding off the other side”? “Just wear one more hat”? No.  Quit fooling yourself.  But in tight times that lead to reductions in resources and personnel, organizations … Continue reading

Worth a Look: 5 simple rules for managing your police agency’s budget

Right after I posted Everything Has A Cost, I received an email alert that linked to an article by Barry Reynolds posted to PoliceOne.com titled 5 simple rules for managing your police agency’s budget . Barry leads the article by remarking: Most police executives … Continue reading

Everything Has A Cost

It’s true.  Nothing is free.  Whether we see the up front cost that comes out of our wallet or the cost in terms of the time it takes to get something done, there are no free rides.  This universal truth … Continue reading

The Police Business Unit

Police departments, with very few exceptions, are operated with incredible finesse.  Given the complex and dynamic nature of the services they provide, coupled with the social, political and economic influences that shape the strategies that they develop, they out-perform many … Continue reading

Worth a Look: How Not To Care

Good, or better yet, excellent customer service requires a culture that cultivates, expects and demonstrates the same.  Jonathan Raymond’s article on EMyth, How Not to Care, offers valuable insights about the perceptions the community may have; whether we are sincere or disingenuous. … Continue reading

Worth a Look: How does a Leader Build Respect and Trust into the Brand and Culture?

My posts, The Bottom Line and Monopoly: Your the Only Game in Town, challenge us to explore the importance of the police department’s reputation with the community that the department serves.  It takes an extraordinary culture to develop and sustain exceptional … Continue reading

Monopoly: You Are the Only Game in Town

When I posted The Bottom Line,I discussed the factor that drives businesses to succeed and excel; money.  I also pointed out that absent the presence of a financial goal to make a profit, organizations, specifically police departments, require more difficult forces … Continue reading

Great Article: Building Relationships vs. Building Leaders

Leaders are not leaders without followers, and relationships complete the bond.  This is a great article by Doug McKinley of Xcellero Leadership & Associates in Family Care. Building Relationships vs. Building Leaders Share the post “Great Article: Building Relationships vs. Building Leaders” Facebook … Continue reading

The Bottom Line

The business of policing has nothing to do with turning a financial profit.  I know some people believe that police departments go on raging ticket writing campaigns to ‘make more money’, but even in cases where some of the fees … Continue reading

What Makes a Police Agency a Business?

So how can a police department be anything like a business? Lights, sirens, good guys, bad guys, TV shows and movies, the 6 o’clock news; it all looks too sporadic and out of hand to be anything like a business. … Continue reading

Worth a Look: 10 Things Only Exceptional Bosses Give Employees

Here is a terrific article by Jeff Haden that details tips that will create a better working environment and retain the people that we need on the job. These could have been written for police officers! Share the post “Worth a … Continue reading

Employee Turnover is Very Bad Thing

Some businesses operate in such a way that high employee turnover is not a threat.   If you are in one of those business that is terrific.  Policing is not one though.  The costs of recruiting, equipping, training and deploying qualified … Continue reading

The Business of Policing

Many years ago, I found myself and some friends talking to a veteran police officer about what type of college education would be most helpful for becoming an officer. As genuine ‘wanna be’ teenagers, we were all convinced that police … Continue reading


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