Worth a Look: Power to the People-the Formula for Super Customer Service

Customer service in policing starts (and sometimes ends) with the phone call to 911 and the response the patrol officers make to the call.  The business world gives us the best advice to follow on the topic of customer service because businesses live or die based on the customer service delivered.

It goes without saying that interactions with police are not always the best; we usually are not called or show up because things just started going great for everyone.  This makes it more important to take advantage of every opportunity to leave our customers (the community) with the best impression we can make.

Right now, in August 2014, customer service is more important than ever in policing if we are going to make inroads into the communities where our relationships are the weakest.

Tenaya Tison recently published Power to the People-the Formula for Super Customer Service.  Tenaya makes several points that are just as applicable to the police as they are to other industries.

The formula is simple. One word: autonomy.

Perfect!  Police officers on the front line have more autonomy than their counterparts in the corporate world.  Nothing but opportunity ahead!

Read this and remember your experiences as a customer.

Power to the People-the Formula for Super Customer Service

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