Criminal Justice Researcher Needed!


I have a Criminal Justice undergrad student that needs to conduct a brief interview with a Criminal Justice researcher for a class she is currently taking. The assignment requires a contact outside of Kentucky, so I thought this would be an ideal way of finding someone to assist her.

I you fit the bill and have a few minutes, or can direct me to a contact, please email me at

The interview can be conducted in person or via phone or email. Students will be required to collect information about the analyst’s: 1) name, title, contact information, 2) job description & salary (not required), 3) job responsibilities, 4) typical activities, 5) types of research projects involved in, 6) types of statistical analyses they engage in, 7) any recommendations to be made to students interested in obtaining similar job, 8) any education or training that can best prepare students for similar job, 9) aspects of job most enjoy/least enjoy, etc.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration!


Dave Lyons


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