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When someone says “police never get in trouble” or “never get punished when they do something wrong”…..

One of the many false narratives that the policing industry is swimming upstream against these days is that there is no accountability for ‘their’ actions. Police are allowed to run wild, unchecked, and of course, unrepentant.

We know that this is untrue; but for some, our word is (maybe never will be) not enough.

Some of the frustration and confusion can be linked to high profile cases, like Ferguson, where passionately opinionated people were severely disappointed when Officer Wilson (appropriately) was not charged with a crime.

Add in lopsided yet polished documentaries like Making a Murderer, and the lack of independent critical thinking skills leads to more hostility and distrust of law enforcement.

I found a gem of a website that reports regularly on police misconduct. From what I have seen it looks very objective. It is not a blog, but rather a project of the Cato Institute, which adds it a great deal of credibility.

The website and companion Facebook page offer a nearly daily digest that summarizes cases across the country where law enforcement officers have crossed the line, are facing adjudication, or the cases have been adjudicated.

For those of us that love our profession, it is a tough read to stomach. Yet it has value in demonstrating that police that cross the line are identified, and punished.

I refer Doubting Thomases to this site, as well as criminal justice students that I teach, to provide evidence that no, police do not get mulligans when they break the law.

Firm up your stomach and go to the link below. Then, refer people to the site to help them see the big picture.



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